Club Successes

Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club

Club Achievements……where do we start?

The members of Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club are justifiably proud of the rich history, and the very long list of  achievements that we have earned.  When talking about our achievements we could focus on our teams…….

  • We have won National Championships for both men and women, across all of the Divisions that are available. (on many occasions)
  • We have won the National Cup and National Plate (on many occasions)
  • We have organised, presented, entered in and won the British Championships
  • We have a very long list of tournament wins (on many occasions)

Or we could talk about the successes that have been shared by our personnel……

  • We have been, and still are stalwart supporters of the Scottish National Team Programmes
  • We have supplied (numerous) players to both junior and senior National Team programmes, for male and female athletes
  • We have supplied players to the GB Programmes, some of whom went on the star in the London Olympics
  • We have 12 current internationalists on our Club roster
  • We have supplied statistician’s,  match officials and top photographers to help with the overall development of the game

Or we could talk about the successes of our Coaching Staff……….

  • We have successfully supported members of the Su Ragazzi Coaching Staff to make the step to coaching at National Team level (for men and women)
  • Members of the Club’s Coaching Staff have won National Coaching Awards for their work with the Club

The avalanche of successes would be very long indeed if we started to make a list…….but we won’t do that.   For us, identifying the key successes that we have enjoyed over the years is a simple process. There are two of them…..

  • The ongoing support that is offered by Club members to Club members on a daily basis.
  • The contribution that we have made, and will continue to make,  to the well-being and development of Scottish Volleyball.

…..simple, and very rich indeed.

The final comment on the Club’s achievements should  go to the parent of one of our youngest recruits……..

“ Yes she thoroughly enjoyed it (her first practice session) and was very impressed (as I was) at how friendly and inclusive the whole team is, and the way they immediately made her feel part of them- its a real credit to you all!”

Social Networking

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