Mission Statement

Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club

Mission Statement

Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.  We understand this can only be achieved through commitment, dedication, and a measure of personal sacrifice.

The ethos of Su Ragazzi VC is consistently demonstrated by the people who make up the Club.  The qualities of perseverance, dedication, and commitment are evident on the practice court, the match court, and in all other Club activities.

Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club is determined to create opportunities for involvement in the pursuit excellence for all members of the Club.

Club Activities

The Club Activities fall into two main areas;  Sporting and Social.

In the sporting realm we promote excellence in the practice and match environments.  We attempt to ensure that all players have access to three practice sessions per week.  The practice sessions are organised and presented by qualified SVA Coaches, who ensure the work is planned and structured to ensure the maximum improvement for individual players, and the teams.

The Club participates in the Scottish National League and Cups, and regularly hosts pre and post season tournaments.  The Club also maintains very strong links with the National Team Programmes and promotes the interests Su Ragazzi players in this performance arena.

On the social side many of the events focus around the need to support the Club’s sporting efforts financially.  Fund raising is an essential element of the activities, however it is also a great way for people to socialise with each other and develop relationships away from the practice gym.

Social Networking

Do you want to play volleyball for Su Ragazzi? We are always interested in new members, either players or people who are wanting to help out.
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