Scottish Cup Quarter Finals

Saturday 25th February 2017

Scottish Cup Saturday

Saturday 25th February was Scottish Cup quarter finals day.  We had two teams playing at home and two teams playing away.  One of the playing away teams had the dubious pleasure of playing against the University of St Andrews……but more of that later.

The game of the day saw the Fabulous Suettes being -well - fabulous!  They had drawn City of Edinburgh, the only team that had beaten them this season.  The two best women’s’ teams in Scotland deserved to meet each other in the final, but instead had to go toe to toe in the quarters, and the Fabulous Suettes triumphed!

It was hard, it was tough, it was a roller-coaster for our girls taking a two sets to zero lead, and then seeing it disappear as the Edinburgh girls fought back and levelled the match.  It was nail-biting stuff, with both teams demonstrating heart and commitment and an endless supply of determination.

In the last encounter between the teams the script had been the same, the Suettes leading two zero, then being pegged back to a two sets all score line, only to lose the fifth set to 11, but not this time.  This time the girls held their nerve and converted their chances to win the set 15-11 and with it the match…..simply fabulous!

There were wild celebrations from the visitor’s side, but there was also a thought spared for the Edinburgh Girls.  This should have been the final, but it wasn’t and the Fabulous Suettes march onto the semi-final with confidence.

Is it time to talk about the match where a badminton racquet and a piece of stick masqueraded as antennae yet?

Coltness revisited.
Coltness High School was the venue for the two men’s quarter finals.  Having played there for many years it felt like a home venue and the CK-Café added that extra touch to proceedings.  The boys from the Su II team were first up playing Jets II.  It was a fun game which our boys dominated from start to finish.

We served tough; we hit ‘high and handsome’; we defended like demons, and were always in control.  The Jets II boys played with a smile on their faces, and supported each other throughout, but they couldn’t stop the avalanche that was the home team’s dominance.

We won 3 sets to zero in under an hour, bring on whoever is next!

University of St Andrews V Su Ragazzi II women.
This match was played in the Lynch Centre in Dundee and was challenging for all the wrong reasons.  Our girls lost, so the observations that are made here could be interpreted as ‘sour grapes’ but when the home side only provides 5 warm up balls in total, for both teams to use, when they use abadminton racquet and a piece of stick as antennae, and when the poverty of the officiating demands a verification of the match referee’s qualification level, then something has to be done.

Our girls lost – it happens.   Our girls had a very unhappy experience – that happens less often.  Our girls were not provided with a set of circumstances that equate with the rules of the competition – that demands action from the Competitions Commission!

We wait to see what happens.

Another student’s team.
The second match played at Coltness was between City of Glasgow Ragazzi and the University of Dundee.  Another student’s team, but a whole different experience.  The boys from Dundee were terrific, as was the game.  We played with a maturity that raised the level of the encounter, they played with a smile and with an intensity that befitted the occasion.

Bill Stobie the Coach of the NUVOC Club was one of a small group of spectators and Bill’s comment was that he had been massively entertained by the spectacle that both teams contributed to.

We had more ball control and firepower than they had, but they matched us in their desire to win, and their understanding that winning is a product of work rate.  We won the match 3 sets to zero, and were happy with our day’s activities.

So four matches played, three matches decided, three semi-finals to come, all in all yet another good day for the club.