A four match day

Saturday 4th February

A four match day

Saturday 4th February saw all four of the Su Ragazzi Teams playing.  Three of them shared Chryston High School, while the fourth made their way to Dundee.

It’s all about focus and concentration………
In the first match of the day, on paper, the Fabulous Suettes were understrength for their tie with NUVOC ladies with three of the usual starters missing for various reasons, but that did not deter the home side from steam-rolling the visitors.

Since we last playerd them the Edinburgh side have made progress, and it was a fairly enjoyable encounter, but their efforts were never going to be enough.  The Suettes out-fought, out-thought, and out-played the team from the East to win 3 sets to zero (25-14, 25-12, 25-9)

Creating order from chaos…..
In the second match of the day the City of Glasgow Ragazzi boys took on Edinburgh Jets.
Our job in this match was to play well and win.
Their job in this match was to play well and win.
Our priorities were to make our systems work and to score points.
Their priorities were to disrupt our systems and prevent us scoring points………We did our jobs, they couldn’t quite manage to do theirs!

They worked hard at their game, but then so did we.  They were focussed and played with intensity, but then so did we, and the distance between the two teams in the league table told its own story.

So a 3 sets to zero (25-22, 25-8, 25-13) win for the home side, with both matches being officiated calmly by Albert Jasper, the day was beginning to look successful.

Top of the table…..and happy to be there.
The Boys from Su Ragazzi II played the Boys from Edinburgh NUVOC in a 'first V second' belter of a match.  This match had everything that’s good about competitive sport and we outplayed NUVOC, we outsmarted them, we played faster than them, served tougher and scored more frequently.

They worked their socks off, they hustled and scored big, big points but it wasn’t enough.  On the day we had more than they could cope with as we won 3 sets to zero (25-21, 25-18, 25-23) in a fantastic advert for Scottish Volleyball

After the dust, had settled we were still top of the league and going into the play-offs with the better schedule, and the good news is that we get another two opportunities to sample the terrific competitive atmosphere as we play NUVOC twice more.  Bring it on!

The journey to the North East......
Last match of the day saw Coacfh Vince Krawczyk take a young Su Ragazzi II group to play the vastly experienced Dundee.  Despite the thunderous serves produced by Kelsie Braidwood, and the series of scoring hits delivered by Livia Amzu, the Su II girls couldn't match the Dundee players on a consistent basis and lost the match zero sets to 3 (23-25, 20-25, 12-25).  But they worked really hard at their game, and they will learn and improve from the experience.

So all in all another great day of volleyball - well done to all.