Scottish Cup Saturday

Saturday 28th January 2017

Scottish Cup Saturday

Saturday 28th January was Scottish Cup Day with Su Ragazzi playing host to three matches at Coatbridge High School.

Match 1 featuring Su Ragazzi II was a triumph.
Match 2 featuring the Fabulous Suettes was a solid performance and win.
Match 3 featuring the City of Glasgow Ragazzi men was an untidy win.

Match 1 saw the ladies of Su Ragazzi II go head to head with Jets II. Earlier in the season the two teams had met and the match was a very one sided affair with Jets winning comfortably. In this match-up we lost the first set.  We were tight, were nervous, were uncertain and the set was lost before we had really got started.

Sets 2, 3 and 4 were wildly different!

We served super tough and punished the Jets’ passing unit. We passed well and were powerful and successful in our hitting.  We didn’t look back and won the sets 25-23, 25-23, 25-20, which is a fantastic result for the team.

All of the squad played their part in this story of success, but perhaps a special mention should be made of Sam Fowler’s efforts.  In her first season playing for the Club Sam in making fantastic progress and in this match she was a powerhouse hitter.

After the match top International Referee Grant McIntyre commented that he had thoroughly enjoyed the game and the fantastic rallies that had been such a feature of the match. So praise for both teams for the quality of their play, but the rewards go to the home side.

Match 2 saw the Fabulous Suettes prove yet again that they have too much fire-power, and smarts for the girls from Aberdonia.

The match was a tidy affair with the Glasgow Girls winning 3 sets to zero, 25-13, 25-21, 25-18.  We served tough, we hit tough, we blocked tough, we were tough to beat and on the day Aberdonia simply did not have enough to win.

That’s four times the teams have squared up to each other this season and the Suettes have won all of them.  But they are good games to play in, and as the season has progressed the quality of the performances from both teams has crept up – but we still had too much for the visitors to cope with.

Lynne Ramage watched the game and commented afterwards; ”I thought the girls played well as a team, and maintained a high performance level throughout the match…….I think the team can go all of the way in the cup”. Let’s hope so.

Match 3 the City of Glasgow Ragazzi Boys played against South Ayrshire.  South Ayrshire played with a swagger and controlled power.  They took the game to the home side, so much so they shocked the watching crowd, and the home team players, by winning the first set 26-24. The Boys from South deserved their win.  They won points with style and fought like demons not to concede points… a group they have terrific potential, as the first set showed.

Set 2 we focused our attention a lot better and prised 25 points from the South Team for a loss of 15.  That should have signified that we were ‘in the groove’, that we had ‘switched on’ our concentration, but the 3rd set had barely started when we were 1 – 4 down, and then at 21-24 down we were staring at another set loss. At this point Ally Galloway stepped up to serve and again produced a run of jump serves which saw us take the set 26-24, but we were not happy!

Set 4 was better, our play was tidier and more effective.  We made less errors and dominated the rallies to emerge winners with a 25-18 score line.

This was a cup tie, so the only thing that mattered was getting the win, and progressing to the next round – but it was tight, and the Boys from South Ayrshire deserved more for their terrific efforts…….sometimes sport can be really tough!

So, when the dust has settled the picture is another 3-win-Saturday, what a fabulous season the Club is having! Roll on next week.