The last Thursday session....

Thursday 22nd December 2016

The last practice session…before the Christmas break

Outside the gym in Drumoyne the rain was bouncing off the pavement, and the wind was experimenting with gusting noticeably hard, as storm Barbara pitched up.  Inside the gym the atmosphere was relaxed and full of smiles for the fun that was to unfold.

The last session before the Christmas break is always tournament night, when we mix the players up into (almost) even teams, and then compete to see who can make the cheekiest shot, take the biggest advantage with bending the rules, get away with fun-filled-cheating, and all of it surrounded by lots and lots of laughter.  

There were four teams involved.  Ally’s Belters, played Gordie’s Gang, played Katie’s Krackers, and finally played Darren’s Destroyers.  The games lasted for 15 minutes and then there were play-offs for final positions.  Ally’s Belters won the event.  When asked for his reflections Ally remarked “It was a strange experience for me, as when I hit the ball it kept coming back………”
In second place were Katie’s Krackers.  Katie’s closing remark was delivered with a shake of her head and a rueful smile.  She said  “We wur robbed!”  

Winning third place in a digfest-first-ball-attack-frenzy of a match were Gordie’s Gang. Gordie’s summation of the event was “ Well we were certainly one of the top four sides….” Propping up the ratings list were Darren’s Destroyers.  Darren summed up the spirit of the evening when asked for a comment, he remarked…..” Emmmmm, it was fun!”

Darren’s right, it was fun!

The play was followed by the drawing of the Christmas Hamper Raffle, so congratulations to all of the winners, and to all who have contributed to making the first half of the season such a terrific success.  Practice starts back on Thursday 5th January, and in the meantime a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. 



See you in 2017!