Su Ragazzi on the road!

Saturday 19th November 2016

Su Ragazzi on the road

3 – 0 That’s the score-line that is hoped for, worked for, desired…..and that’s the score-line that appeared in each of the four matches we played today.

City of Glasgow Ragazzi played Edinburgh Jets – it was a top V bottom clash.  They played well, and ‘fought for the jerseys’ in what was an almost competitive environment, but we always had enough and won 3 – 0.

Next up was the Fabulous Suettes playing against NUVOC.  We weren’t at full strength, and Coach Vince Krawczyk was experimenting with his line-up because of the unavailability of some key players for next week……. And while the NUVOC players demonstrated lots of grit and determination, they didn’t have enough power or ball control to beat our girls who won 3 – 0.

Next up was the Su Ragazzi II girls’ team, who were playing Glasgow International (GI), and guess what, it was another 3 – 0 result for our favourites

That left Gordy McGillivray and the troops from the men’s second team who were playing NUVOC in a ‘top of the table’ clash.  Two good Division I teams going head to head, both unbeaten in the league this season, both working to maintain that record and (whisper it) win the championship.

The ‘match of the day’ was full of drama, of power hits and scoring blocks, of fantastic rallies with players making defensive pick-ups that almost defied belief, of controversy – just how long a time is 8 seconds – and for our heroes it was full of intent and discipline.  

Setter Scott Mackenzie ran a tight offence which allowed new recruit Marc Llarden to score freely in his outside hitting slot.  Meanwhile Callum Stewart was dominating the net, scoring some terrific first tempo hits and serving tough to target.  The NUVOC players added to the excellence through their powerful attacks, but we matched their efforts, and added a level of ball control that they could only admire.  Libero Stuart Wynne had his best match of the season, Charley MacFarlane was an able and enthusiastic Middle Blocker for the day, Donatus Repecka  was blocking people just for fun, and Captain Gordy McGillivray set the tone and the standards for what was a terrific performance, and guess what…..a 3-0 score-line.

You hope for it, you work for it, and sometimes you get a day when it all makes sense.  On Saturday 19th November Su Ragzzzi VC played 4, won 4, and all with a 3 – 0 score-line– just great!