Heroes and Villians

Heroes and Villains

Saturday 5th November 2016 at Chryston High School

Su Ragazzi II (men) V Dundee – match score 2 – 3

The Heroes……Kirsty McLean and her team of volunteers who gave up their Saturday morning to help the Club.  Also worth a mention is the game’s first referee Grant McIntyre who skilfully mixed decision making, with understanding, and good humour.

The Villains…….The Coaching Staff of the Dundee team who put a severe dent into the hopes of the home side.  After the match Dundee Coach John Scrimgeour reflected on the see-saw battle……” It was good to get a win.  We struggled a bit for the first three sets, but then the team listened to the game plan, and stuck to what they were asked to do. The team grew in confidence throughout the game.  And for both teams I enjoyed seeing hitters actually hit the ball!”

When asked to comment Su Captain Gordy McGillivray’s comments were fairly brief…..” Considering we were playing without a recognised setter we started well in the first set.  However, after winning that set we got complacent and Dundee began to do their jobs right, and were the better team.”

The last word went to Barry Miller the Captain of the victorious Dundee side…..” We went into the game lacking in confidence, but we gained some as the game progressed.  Su struggled without a setter so they couldn’t get their middle attack into the game.  It was a long, but enjoyable match.”

So the Club’s unbeaten run has been halted by a determined Dundee side……..and next week is the table top clashes with City of Edinburgh………….we would hope to do better.