Super Su Ragazzi Sunday
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Last weekend the City of Glasgow Ragazzi men won Scottish Volleyball's new Premier Division Championship – this weekend the Fabulous Suettes matched the men's success and won the women's Premier League.

On Super Sunday May 1st the Club achieved yet another milestone, Champions of both the men and women's Premier Leagues in the same season......a fantastic achievement.

The weekend for the Suettes started on Saturday when they had to play John Gaughan's Jets team.  Our girls had to demonstrate  the correct attitude and approach to the game.  We thought we could win, but had to turn that belief into reality – we did.  We put them away 3 sets to zero.  We worked hard to get the process of controlling the ball right.  We supported each other, and served tough.  Jets worked at their game, but were missing a key player, and we weren't willing to ease off.........

The win set up the 'winner takes all' match up against City of Edinburgh in the final match of the 2015/16 season.

We journeyed to South Queensferry early, to be with each other and to make sure we were all on the same page.  The prematch chat was simple – work hard and be confident was the message   The players looked relaxed, their actions suggested they were focused as the warm up started.  

Set 1 we lost. We thought we started well, but the 3 – 8 scoreline said differently.  We closed the gap, we worked at improving our service, we competed, but the set ran away in Edinburgh's favour and finished with a 20 -25 score line.

Set 2 was different.  Set 2 we did start well, we were solid in our block-defence tactics, we served markedly better, and throughout the whole set there was never more than a two point gap between the sides.  The large and noisy audience were on the edge of their seats, as they cheered and groaned and clapped and stamped, and then it was done.  We had pipped them 26-24 – it was that close.

Set 3 we took the momentum from the second set win and turned it into points.  It seemed that the set had only just started and we were 10 – 2 up!  The Edinburgh side are too good to accept that, so they fought back and closed the gap.  But we weren't going to be denied, and the lead turned into a 25 – 16 set win.

The players in the change of ends huddle were bubbling with excitement – Coach Vince Krawczkk had to calm them down.  We had to remind them that nothing was won yet, that we were playing Edinburgh who are a top-top side, They listened, they focused, they worked hard at controlling the ball, and as the points accumulated we were 24 – 18 up and receiving the ball.  One good pass, one clever set, one scoring hit and our side of the court went crazy!

Champions!  Whoo Hoo and well done the Su!

As the players jumped about, the large crowd were also on their feet congratulating both sides, celebrating being part of a terrific occasion, being part of a fantastic achievement.

The SVA had organised for the trophy and medals to be presented at the venue, it was a fitting ending to what was a momentous occasion.  Captain Jillian Galloway was the last in the line to receive her medal, and then......the Premier League Trophy.  Time for numerous photographs, for hugs from family and friends, for happy smiles and back slapping congratulations......and then time to drive to Coatbridge to officiate the men's match.

City of Glasgow Ragazzi Men

The men won the Premier League title last weekend, on Super Su Ragazzi Sunday they had to play the final match of the season....their opponents were City of Edinburgh.

The significance of the match was the bragging rights that a win would represent.

The Edinburgh side were short of key players, but their squad responded with spirit, and a smile.  It was never close, we were way too strong for the hastily assembled Edinburgh group, but there was some great volleyball, and the game was played in the best of spirits, and very well handled by the match officials Aileen Hall and Jill Galloway.

We won 3 sets to zero with the set scores indicating our dominance, 25 – 18,  25 – 16, 25 – 14.  we had terrific performances from all of our players, and their attitude was correct from the meeting right through to the celebrations. 

Chief Executive Margaret Ann Fleming was there to present the awards, and as Captain Alistair Galloway lifted the Premier League Trophy the cheers from the crowd were deafening.  Cue photographs and back slapping (again), cue huge smiles and more hugs from families and friends.

So the season that promised much has delivered Big Time.  Congratulations to everyone who has been involved and contributed to the Su Ragazzi success story.