Cup and Plate Quarter-finals
Date: // at 27/2/2016:0
Saturday 27th February wasn’t a good day for Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club – it was a GREAT day!!
We had four teams involved in the quarter finals of the Scottish Cup and the Scottish Plate competitions, and four wins!  Simply terrific.
First match at Coatbridge High School saw the Fabulous Suettes play host to the team from the University of Stirling.  This should have been a pretty straightforward affair, but with very late call-offs from two of the players who would have been starting six for the home team the game was anything but straightforward.
The home side’s play lacked rhythm, lacked precision, lacked coherence between the units, but it didn’t lack effort or character.  Coach Vince Krawczyk dabbled with his substitution patterns, worked at positional changes, altered his game tactics, and through it all everyone concerned worked their socks of to get the 3 – 0 win.
In the final analyses the play of the home side didn’t look as smooth as they would have liked but their togetherness and team spirit shone through brightly and they are in the semi-finals……1 game done, 3 to go. 
Match 2 was between the City of Glasgow Ragazzi and the University of Edinburgh.  The play of the home side was simply stunning.  They were firing on all cylinders, they had far too much fire power, they played too fast and had too many attacking options…..simply put they were just too good for the visitors!
Before the match the players wanted a performance that demonstrated excellence and the win.  The set scores (25–14,  25–10,  25-7) indicate that both were achieved.  The play of the Ragazzi boys was simply irresistible and a pleasure to watch.  2 games done – 2 to go. 
The third match featuring SRVC took place in Lenzie.  Going into the game, taking account of the position of the two sides in the league, the hope was for a win, perhaps even a 3 – 0 win, but the reality was hugely different.  Try this for a reality check, the Ragazzi boys were 2 sets to 1 down, and 17 – 11 down in the fourth and Scott Mackenzie the number one setter had just rolled his ankle and was out of the match…….Step up developing setter Mark Hickey, and witness the hitters all raising their game to support their young team mate.  
Set 4 was won, and while set 5 was always competitive, the Su Boys were always in front and closed the set out 15 – 11.  Under the circumstances a great result, and great credit due to a group of players who simply would not give up.  3 played, 3 won, 1 last match to go. 
Match 4 was back at Coatbridge where the Baby Suettes took on the University of Stirling girls.  It turned out to be a thoroughly entertaining game watched by an enthusiastic bunch of parents and pals.  The home side served tough, Setter and Team Captain Jen Downs set accurately and very calmly, and the young Su players swung with confidence.
The visitors could defend, but were clearly upset by the speed of the home side’s play.  They were also upset by the power of the Su Ragazzi serve, and finally they found great difficulty in putting the ball onto the home side’s floor because Libero Raveen Gill was simply everywhere!
The home side won 3 – 0 and deserved it.  They had too much volleyball-everything for the visitors to really compete.  The Su parents were happy with the win, the Su coaches were happy with the win, and the Su Players were delighted with the win – the fourth of the day – a GREAT day indeed for Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club.
Roll on the semi finals.