Su Ragazzi VC v NUVOC
Date: // at 16/1/2016:0

Date: 16/01/2016

Venue: Coatbridge High School.

December 12th seems like a long time ago – it is!  It’s been 5 weeks since a ball was spiked in anger in a Scottish Volleyball League match, so on what turned out to be a very snowy day it was good to be back playing again! 

The competition was West V East.  Su Ragazzi VC played host to NUVOC from Edinburgh.  NUVOC are doing some great things with recruiting and developing a host of junior players, but the play at Coatbridge High School was all about performance and excellence, and the home side displayed both. 

Su Ragazzi II (3 v 0) Bellshill Cardinals

First up were the boys from Su II playing their counterparts.  NUVOC had experience on their side – we had power.  NUVOC had enthusiasm, we had ball control.  NUVOC had hope that guided their engagement, and we had ability. 

The first set was really competitive as both teams struggled to bridge the long lay-off gap.  The home side eventually emerged as winners with the score of 27-25 indicating how tight the passage had been.  We maintained the form we had shown, and asked some serious questions of the Edinburgh side – it turned out that they didn’t have strong enough answers and we took the next two sets to 10 and 9.  An emphatic win!

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Su Ragazzi (3 v 0) NUVOC

Next up were the Fabulous Suettes.  The women’s championship this year is a tight affair, with almost all of the teams taking points off of each other, but on this day the Suettes were focused, were tough, 

were resilient, were the winners by 3 sets to zero.  

The set scores tell the tale of a tight match with the visitors scoring 22, 21 and 21 points, but the home side were never really in trouble.  With developing setter Priya Gill beginning to find her form, and libero Laura McReady making the exceptional look ordinary in defence this was a dominant performance from the girls.  Two played, two won, one to go.

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City of Glasgow Ragazzi (3 v 0) NUVOC

The third match in the schedule was a head-to-head with the premier division men’s teams.  For the home side power hitter Conor Walker made his return to the starting six after an injury forced absence, while middle blocker Mark Lawson made his return to match day proceedings after his short sabbatical.

Unsurprisingly, given the long break since the last SVL match we started quite slowly, never really getting out of second gear.  The one area of the game where we demonstrated dominance was in the serving box.  We served up a series of howitzers and won the set 25-12.

Set 2 NUVOC fought back and we struggled to find third gear.  

They demonstrated an appropriate competitive attitude, passed much better and served with some intensity.   This revival saw them lead the scoring for most of the middle part of the set, but we had too much power for them to sustain this effort, and as we slippedinto third gear we captured the set 25-20.

Third set we managed to find fourth gear and simply dominated proceedings.   Our servers sustained theirchallenge, the blockers managed to pay attention to the details of their role, and setter Marc McLaughlin ran an excellent offence. We asked questions of the NUVOC boys that they did not have answers to.  We competed and worked hard to both play well and win, and achieved both in a set that finished 25-14. 

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The job was done! Three matches played, three matches won without dropping a set.  It’s been a long break since December 12th, and it was good to be back!

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