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Edinburgh Jets 1 V  3 City of Glasgow Ragazzi


Let’s talk about the third set.  It went to the Jets – they deserved to win it.  They served tougher than we did, they passed better than we did, they stuck together and worked harder than we did and the 25-20 score line reflected all of that.  Led by veteran Mike Penny they played with a smile on their face and put a significant dent in our ambitions to win the match.


We had won the first set to 19, and the second set to 17 and clearly thought we were cruising.  Our play had been effective but if you examined it closely it lacked detail and precision.  We were capable of much more than we were showing, and then came the third set…….Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club Glasgow


Starting the fourth set the Jets clearly believed it was ‘game-on’.  As the set unfolded we were serving better, but never got to grips with our responsibilities for precision in the passing, but we hit better and maintained the steady flow of block points.  We won the set to 18 and the match 3 – 1.  As we discussed the experience we reflected that sometimes it’s the win you need to pay attention to, even if the performance was not as tight as we would have liked – but we do need to play better if we are to achieve the targets for the season that we have set for ourselves.

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The rest of our teams didn’t fare so well on this blustery day.


The ladies of the first team lost 3-1 to the Jets.  After a terrific first set which dominated and won we seemed to lose our way.  We had too many ineffective attacks, no cohesion in our serving strategies, and after that first set the Jets played better than we did.  AQ tough day at the Office!


The men II travelled to Dundee and lost 3-1.  Dundee are a top Division I side, and we are in a rebuilding phase.  We played well in the first set but lost.  We played really well in the second set and won it, then stumbled into the third set and gave them a lead that we could not claw back.  Again, a tough day at the Office.


Finally the girls in the second team had the toughest of days.  Due to play in a triangular fixture and down to a bare six players for a variety of reasons, we sustained an injury to one of our players in the second set of the first match and had to forfeit the rest of the event as Allison had to go to the emergency department.


Some days it just isn’t your day!  The match schedule now closes for the Christmas break – so we will regroup and come back stronger in the second half of the season. 

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