The Romance of the Cup
Date: // at 14/2/2015:0

The romance of the Cup…….

The end of the season is when the ‘gongs’ are handed out to the winners of the various  competitions…..Saturday February 14th, St Valentine’s Day, was a suitable setting for the quarter final tie in the National Cup between the City of Glasgow men, and the stalwarts from Dundee Volleyball Club.

In National League terms the two sides are separated by the distance of the top two divisions, and the form guide was clearly in favour of a comfortable win for the home side, except Dundee hadn’t read that script!  They hadn’t read the script that saw them giving in easily and succumbing timidly to their higher placed hosts.  Dundee had read the script where they hustled for every ball, the script that had them serving super tough, and slamming the ball onto the floor repeatedly.  The romance of the Cup – more like the battle of the Bulge……

The Glasgow side went at it, but couldn’t quite find the rhythm required to sparkle.  The Glasgow side knuckled down to the work that was demanded of them but couldn’t find that extra gear that would allow them to dominate.  The Glasgow side huffed and puffed but never quite got on top of their blocking responsibilities.  The Glasgow side won the encounter 3 sets to 1, but recognised afterwards that they had been in a competition.

Good news was the form of Ali Galloway.  Good news was the welcome return of Stewart Caldwell, good news was a solid performance from Team Captain Steve Todd demonstrating his experience and ability to be calm in the tight spots – of which there were several.

So the City Boys progress to the semi-finals of  the Cup, and join the boys of Su II who secured their National Plate semi-final by winning a 3 – 0 romp against the young team from Kinross.  Meanwhile the Baby Suettes are also in the semi-final of the National Plate with the matches being played over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of March……….bring it on.