The 60:40 Split Weekend
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The 60 – 40 split weekend……..

Saturday 13th December  was a busy weekend for Su Ragazzi.  We played five home  matches over two days and won three of them.  Here’s what the troops thought………

The City of Glasgow Ragazzi men played local rivals Mets.  In a thrilling advert for Scottish Volleyball the visitors managed to win 3 – 0.  It was tough, it was tight, and while the result didn’t flatter the Mets side it was very close.  Laura McReady interviewed setter Marc McLaughlin after the match and asked;
What were your thoughts on today’s match
Our performance was inconsistent.  We served tough and hit with power and blocked reasonably well.  However at crucial points we were hesitant and didn’t play well enough.  Ali Galloway played very well.

This is a transition year for the first team with a number of new players in the side.  What would be your assessment of the first half of the season?
We (the junior players) had to up our games a lot to complete with the top teams. At crucial points in matches we are still playing with confidence, but we are making some decision making errors when under pressure.  I think we are coping with the changes to the speed and power of the games, and experiencing this every week is great for development.

What do you think the team can achieve in the second half of the season?
We believe we can reach the play-offs, and my personal goal is to play in the Cup Final.

After having played them just last week in the JST Cup final the Fabulous Suettes had a rematch against Vince Krawcyk’s Troon.  Troon served tougher than last week, they also passed better, and the game was hugely enjoyable as the home side ran out 3 – 0 winners.
Darren Martin interviewed Laura Ward after the game and asked;
What were your thoughts on today’s match?
Good patches of play from us.

The first half of the season has gone really, really well for the Suettes, why do you think this is?
All of the players have consistently demonstrated a clear determination to do our jobs – we have worked really hard!

What can the team achieve in the second half of the season?
If we continue to do our jobs and maintain our performance level then we can win the Championship

In the gym at Carluke HS the Baby Suettes faced a new look NUVOC side and lost 3 – 0, but Captain Jen Downs was far from upset when interviewed by Mike McConville……
What were your thoughts on today’s match?
We played really well – the team worked as a cohesive unit and hustled for every ball.  NUVOC were a strong team who played fast and our blocking let us down a little.  However, I think it was one of our better performances as a team.

It’s been a different season for the second team girls after losing two of the most influential senior players.  How do you think the juniors who have come into the team have coped?
The juniors are bringing rejuvenation to the team, and with their experience building through the JNL they are learning quickly and developing into a stable unit.

What do you hope the team can achieve in the second half of the season?
Our aim is still to finish in the top two of Division II and reach the finals of the Plate Competition.  We also want to continue to develop our team spirit, and support the junior players.

The Men II had two matches over the weekend.  On Saturday they played an absolute ‘topper’ of a game against the run-away league leaders NUVOC.  The home side lost 3 – 0 but played particularly well.  On Sunday they played Bellshill and out-defended the leagues best defensive team, winning this thoroughly enjoyable match 3 – 0.  Jen Downs spoke to outside hitter Cammy Galloway after Sunday’s match and asked;
What were your thoughts on today’s game?
Considering how tough and demanding yesterday’s match was, today’s performance from the team was very professional and we deserved the win.

How do you think the ‘new look’ second team have fared in the first half of the season?
Honestly I think we have exceeded expectations and competed better than expected.  We have only lost one league game in the first half of the season.

What are your hopes for the team, for the second half of the season?
We have to develop better consistency towards the end of sets…..and I think we could perhaps end the league campaign in the top two……..

So when the dust of a particularly busy weekend has settled, the picture facing Su Ragazzi seems to be a very positive one…..roll on January!