The Volleyball Survey
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Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club – Season 2014/15


At the start of the new season two of our talented young players (Megan Quinn and Conor Walker) were asked to undertake a piece of research into Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club.  They were asked to find out why people got involved in volleyball as a sport, what they wanted to get from their involvement, and crucially what they thought about Su Ragazzi. 


The following document represents their findings, and makes very interesting reading.


After completing a club based survey we have managed to identify some of the key things that interest and motivate the people of Su Ragazzi.


To begin, we found out why people play volleyball and why it was the sport they chose. The majority of the answers were about the competition aspect and, in conjunction with that, the social aspect and for just generally keeping fit. Some people got into the game by being inspired by others, further developing a fascination for the complexity of the movement of the game and decided that they wanted to get involved.


We then asked what people are looking to get from volleyball and almost every answer stated that people wanted to be the best the country has to offer to allow them to get national team opportunities and then take it further and maybe even go pro. However, many people also said it was just an enjoyable hobby that they want to continue throughout their life, maintaining their friendships and fitness.


In order to achieve these aims and be successful in playing volleyball people said they would give up their time and put in as much effort as they possibly can to be dedicated to training. They would also ensure they are available for matches at the weekends, go to the gym as much as possible to keep generally fit and take on outside opportunities such as the development junior sessions or setting clinics.


The survey was taken by a wide range of players who proved to bring many different qualities and attributes to the club. Junior players bring positivity and determination. They are eager to expand their volleyball knowledge and all have someone in the club that they aspire to be. Senior players provide constant leadership, reliance, support and dedication which helps to inspire the juniors. Many, if not all, are experienced players from national team, to professional volleyball to the GB team. Overall they have played many matches against elite players and have all experienced defeat and success which is beneficial to the team in many respects.


All of these talented individuals have chosen Su Ragazzi as their club for many reasons. The most dominant being the training quality that takes place three times a week. Everyone who attends does so to improve no matter what level they are at. This results in training having a high intensity because everyone is striving to be better and we are all truly hungry for success, no matter what level we are at. Moreover is the fact all levels are welcome and everyone is encouraging so newcomers feel comfortable in the close-knit training environment. The survey highlighted that training is a happy place and surely happy players are better players? Furthermore, Su Ragazzi has a traditional excellence of players and provides opportunities for you from the bottom to the top.


However, the club has a few changes it could make. An issue raised several times was the addition of an extra coach so there is help to run all 4 teams.  Also, to get more referees qualified so officiating roles can be shared fairly and equally amongst players. Moreover, the people said they want to showcase volleyball using social media and taking advantage of the fact we are a big successful club so we can draw people in, juniors especially, and keep the level of talent up for the future. But, most importantly we need to focus on winning both the division I and II Championships and winning the women’s Scottish Cup for the first time.


The survey highlighted many people’s desire to become more involved in fundraising and make it more proactive to prevent money being a barrier to us achieving anything. It also showed the willingness of a lot of people to do anything that they need to as long as it is within their parameters and many people are also very tied up and are already giving their all.


In conclusion, we have found out that Su Ragazzi people are motivated by many factors and we can take the ideas for improvement and gradually work on them. Let’s start by winning!



Megan Quinn and Conor Walker

November 30th 2014