To Dare to Dream
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It ain’t over until it is over! – Saturday 29th November 2014

At 14 – 8 up in the fifth set, City of Edinburgh were super confident of having won this semi-final of the John Syer Trophy.  The Edinburgh team were at home, they had weathered the Su Ragazzi storm in sets 2 and 3, they were playing well as the tied set scores suggested, and under the watchful gaze of Senior Women’s Coach Craig Faill they knew the game was won and the final beckoned.

Su Ragazzi made a side out – no problem, Edinburgh would do the same and the game would be done.  Carly McKinlay served, Edinburgh didn’t manage a dig-set-kill sequence and Lynne Beattie thundered the transition hit onto the floor. 10-14.

The Edinburgh team regrouped and encouraged each other, and Carly served again.  The ball spun off the passer’s arms and wasn’t playable by the Edinburgh setter, and the score was 11-14.

The visitors stayed focused, the home side tried to stay calm, all they needed was one side out in a game that demonstrated all that is good about Scottish Volleyball.  Great players, great plays, great intensity, great competition, and great emotion.  Carly served again, Laura McReady for the visitors made a terrific  defensive pick up, junior setter Priya Gill set Lynne Beattie, who again thundered the ball onto the floor and the score was 12-14.

Business like!  That was the approach of the visitors.  The door back into this match had not yet been opened, the Suettes were still pushing to get even, but dare they hope?  Carly served again, and again the ball spun off the passer’s arms, the Edinburgh setter had to chase the pass down and hoist it to the outside, and Mhairi Agnew was waiting for the hit and roofed it!  13-14 and the tension racked up to  ‘extreme’.

The Suettes needed one more point to level the score.  One more serve to even things up, one more point to be back in the match.  Carly served, Edinburgh passed, they went to their left sided hitter and again Mhairi Agnew was waiting, and again she roofed the hit……14-14.

The celebrations were intense, and brief.  The door to the win had been pushed open by the concerted team effort, and some super serving from Carly McKinlay, but nothing was won yet.  The Suettes knew they had to focus.

Carly served, and the tension in the Edinburgh ranks froze their passing unit for just that split second required to create an ace!  15-14. Was it possible…….Carly served her seventh consecutive serve.  They didn’t manage to kill the hit, Priya went back to Lynne Beattie, who rose above the Edinburgh block and played a delicious roll shot into the heart of the court which caught the defence on their heels, so all they could do was watch the ball bounce.

Cue pandemonium.  Cue wild jumping about.  Cue dismay tinged with disbelief.   

Craig Faill thought it was the best Scottish match he had seen in some time…..the Fabulous Suettes knew they were in the final, and had earned the right to be there, because, it ain’t over until it is over!

Well done girls.