Clair C Returns
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Saturday 8th November – the Cup.

This match V Dundee ladies in the Cup was all about three things.  How would the Baby Suettes respond to last week’s defeat…… how would they cope with former Suette Clair Crowe’s return…. how would they cope in this second round Cup Match with the vastly improved Dundee ladies…three big questions.

The first set was done and dusted in quick time.  The Baby Suettes were relentless in chasing points.  They served tough.  They controlled the ball in side out.  The hit smart and with power.  It was 25-15 and the answer to the first of the three questions had been supplied.  

In the second set Dundee stepped up and served the skin off the ball.  They thundered from the baseline and wrecked the first tempo timings for the home side.  It became a battle of the outside hitters and they appeared to win that one – the score was 21-25 and the Suettes had chances, but failed to deal with Dundee – one set each.

Set three Jen D rallied her troops and Megan Q cancelled out Clair Crowe.  Last year they were teammates in their rampage through the second division.  This year they are opponents going head to head against each other.  Megan hit smart, blocked intelligently, and completely nullified Claire C.  With Megan T serving well the Baby Suettes won the set 25-22 and in so doing answered the second question.

Set four Dundee stepped up again.  They simply did not know when they were beaten.  With Coach John Scrimgeour pulling the strings they established a lead and did not let up.  Setter Lucy Scouller was playing well, but was being forced into setting choices by the ferocity of the Dundee attack.  She needed to keep her first tempo hitters in the game, but was being pulled all over the place.  Meanwhile Dundee were playing with a clear focus, and Clair C was everywhere in their back court.  The Suettes huffed and puffed, and couldn’t find an answer to the third question – Dundee took the match to a fifth set winning 25 – 22.

The Baby Suettes regrouped.   We jiggled the line up and the rotation to get Megan Q into the front court earlier.  We talked of better ball control, and a more adventurous attitude in attack.  The set started and there was a sprint to the change of ends, with the home side leading by 3 points.  It didn’t change.  Lucy was given lots of options by Raveen Gill’s passing.   Elise Rogers was rock solid in her passing and put the ball onto the Dundee floor from two terrific hits.  Livia and Emma went about their business in their quietly efficient manner and were always available to take the pressure off the defence.

The set was won 15 – 8.  The match was won 3 – 2.  The third question was answered and the girls jumped about in celebration.

There were some terrific performances in this nail biter of a cup tie, but none more so than Megan Quinn who was immense.

After the match the small but noisy crowd commented on the performance of their favourites.  Jean Clarkson thought “It was an excellent game.  Great hits from the girls.”  Simona Paterson thought “We were more focused and we communicated better as a team – Good!”

The last comment goes to ex Suette Clair Crowe who said “ In the fifth set the Su girls were just better all round”….praise indeed