Celebrate the Champions!

First season together and Champions!!

The Baby Suettes travelled to face Glasgow International at Lenzie, knowing that a win would secure them the  DII League Championship.  Only missing Marketa Hola  and Michelle Allan, the team were confident as they stepped onto the court. After the first two points, Su realised that Glasgow International were going to throw everything they had at the game.  Captain Jen Downs demanded precision and quality from her team - and she got it! The first set was played on Su's terms - they controlled the pass and the set and the spikers gave the opposition a hard time. At 25-12, set 1 was over and we were one  step closer to that league title!

In set 2 GI piled on the pressure, but the Su girls answered by being even tougher! Priya Gill thundered the ball over the net from the service line, never giving the opposition a chance to control their pass. Claire Crowe was outstanding on the outside, finding the space in attack. And Elise Rogers and Megan Quinn ran first tempo attacks that GI just couldn't deal with. Second set over, 25-21. The title was in our sights!

Into the third set and Su were hungry for that title. They chased everything and never let GI get in front. Setter Lucy Scouller Lucy was firmly in control, demonstrating excellece that  allowed her hitters to run a range of options. Libero Raveen Gill  took control of the back court and was solid in defence. The end of the set was tight, Su were nervous, but as the final point was won, the Su players jumped for joy and hugged! 25-22 and League winners!!
The fourth set was tough. We made changes and we lost focus. We stopped playing the way we had and GI had nothing to lose. They won the fourth set 25-19

In the final set, captain Jen asked for  better from the team. She asked for determination and a return to that winning spirit! She got it! Emma Worherspoon was great in defence and Megan Taylor stood at the service line and piled on the pressure! After a nail biting end to the set, Su Ragazzi were victors, 18-16!

At the end of the match, Jen remarked: "In the first three sets, that was the best volleyball the team have played. Everyone did their job today, and worked hard for each other. We are all delighted to have won the game and the league in our first season playing together. It's a great team of players!"

So in their first season in the National League the Baby Suettes are Division II Champions!  That's an achievement - that's a huge achievement!  So Well done to Captain Jen Downs and all of the players.