Another Super Su Saturday

Saturday 30th November 2013
Brannock High School
Bellshill Cardinals  V  Su Ragazzi II

This was a corker of a game!  Bellshill represent the best in fighting spirit, mixed with clear ability to control the ball, and a bundle of experience in every position.  Su Ragazzi II are a young side, full of hope and ambition, with lots still to learn.  A bigger contrast between two teams would be hard to find.

The visitors were also missing key players.  Influential Captain Gordie McGilivrey is in the early stages of a rehabilitation programme for an injury to his left knee, Setter Cameron Clark is also nursing a knee injury, and Power Hitter Conor Walker was drafted into the first team who travelled to Aberdeen.  This was an opportunity for utility player Colin Sangster to step up to the mark, and that’s exactly what he did.

The first set turned on a terrific piece of defending from CS.  Bellshill had attacked, the ball had been played off the block, it was flying out of court past the referees stand, when CS went horizontal and did was seemed to be impossible and retrieved it, punching it over his shoulder and back into our court space.  We won that rally and celebrated wildly, and then the  first set 25-15.

The second set was all about the quality of the volleyball.  The Su Boys matched Bellshill’s fighting spirit, so the game issues were about controlling the ball, and winning the battles at the net.  We did both.  Yeray Harnandez playing in Conor’s  Power Hitter slot was outstanding, but then so was setter Marc McLaughlin.  He was appropriately supplied by Swing Hitter Jordan Scott and Libero Stuart Mackenzie, who dominated the serve-pass exchanges.  Middle Blockers Darren Martin and Frazer Johnson were solid in both hitting and blocking, and all served with purpose and intensity.  It was a pleasure to watch, and the quality of the play starved the home side of opportunities to win points.  Bellshill rallied towards the end of the set, but could not prevent the visitors running away with a 25-20 win.

The third set Bellshill regrouped, and settled themselves a little.  The Su Boys started the set with the same grin they had worn for most of the second set, but they were not working as hard, so the game unfolded to the stage where Bellshill were 24-23 in front and serving.  The passing unit had been under increasing pressure for most of the set, and at this crucial point Stuart’s pass might just have been a tad too tight to the net giving the Bellshill team hope, but Marc McLaughlin played a smart second ball attack and celebrated as the ball bounced on the floor.

Marc then went back and served tough which forced and error from Bellshill.  Marc went back to the base line for a second time and served an ace.  It was a howitzer of a serve.  It had pace, power and a whip of a tail, which saw it exploit the seam between the two passers.  26-24 to the young Su Boys……Game done!

We played the fourth and fifth sets, but the energy levels were down – the first three sets had been tough!  We won the fourth 25-20, then the fifth 15-7 with Blair Gillies playing well in both sets, then we took a moment to reflect on what was a terrific performance.  

Well done to all.

Meanwhile in Aberdeen….
The City Boys were playing Beacon Fire.  It was a fairly straightforward 3-0 win for the Glasgow side.  Stuart Caldwell was in terrific form, and Conor Walker continues to demonstrate how to develop performances from potential…’s mostly about working really hard – and he does!

Well done to all.

Meanwhile in Edinburgh….
The Fabulous Suettes were hosted by Jets II at the terrific St Augustine’s venue.  It was a late start to the match (15.30) but an early finish as the Suettes romped to a 3-0 win in just 5i minutes.  Demonstrating an alluring mixture of power speed and smarts, the Glasgow troops dominate proceedings and simply did not let up winning 25-13,  25-9,  25-6.

Three matches played, three matches won, ‘whoop whoop’ we are having an outstanding season!

Well done to all