Another Hurdle Overcome

Another hurdle overcome…….

Saturday 9th November 2013

Lenzie V Su Ragazzi II

Before the match began the injured Colin Sangster chatted to his team-mates about the forthcoming encounter.  Most of them spoke of personal targets that they had constructed for the game, Captain Gordon McGilivray waxed lyrical about the Power Rangers, and how they were better collectively than they were as individuals…….Colin thought he meant that team-work would be important in this Scottish Cup tie.

Lenzie are a rock-solid DII team.  Full of experience, intent and game smarts.  Last season’s matches between the teams favoured  the home side, with ex-Su Ragazzi  stalwarts Dave Cormie and Kevin Curran playing at the top of their game.  Our team understood that we had to step up to compete, and be very disciplined to win.

Set one started with the teams exchanging points.  Both sets of players were fired up for the competition, but both set of players played with discipline to make their systems work.  First Official Stephen Lawrie did not have much to do as the rallies unfolded with classic dig-set-kill plays, and then it was 20 points apiece, and the set hung in the balance.  Both teams pressed for the win, neither team could make the break, and the score was 24-24.  Step up Conor Walker to serve super tough that pressured Lenzie into an error – set done!

Set 2 we started well, but the consistency of their serving target began to have an effect on the game.  They were serving everything at Jordan Scott our swing hitter.   Between them Libero Stuart Mackenzie and Power Hitter Conor Walker passed 18 serves, Jordan passed 44!  The pressure was tough, and Lenzie took charge of the set to see it out 25-21.

In the huddle between the sets we regrouped, Off Setter Blair Gillies came into the match, the relentless serving pressure on Jordan continued.  The group focus wobbled, the systems shook, the team ethic teetered, and we took a time out.  We discussed things, we realigned personal targets, we smoothed out the bumps and went back into the match. At 24 each things were tight.  At 25-27 we had won the set, and learned a little.

Set 4 was tight.  The momentum moved from one side of the net to the other, but with our team passing better, and the link between setter Marc McLaughlin and middle hitters Darren Martin and Frazer Johnson being tight and effective, we were always in front and took the set  25-18 and the match 3 sets to 1.

After the match Marc’s version of events was “A team performance for a team game!”

That sounds about right to me

The Fabulous Suettes……one step closer to the Top Teams Final

Three players down and still Su Ragazzi turned in their best performance of the season. Sue Kee stepped in for Jillian Galloway and set the game pattern by pressuring the young Troon side from the baseline. This pressure led to Troon taking both of their allocated time –outs before the first Technical Time out!
The alteration to the passing system was certainly suiting Kirsty Mclean as she hit five successive power kills. She took Troon to task and with Ellen Barwise setting a quicker offense both Kirsty and Alex Dickenson created havoc and scored at will.  A 25-8 score line was tough for the Troon team, but a fair reflection of the game.

In set 2 Morgan Lange and Emma Clarkston took a slot in the staring six, were really tough from the baseline and ensured the home side retained the momentum. Su were solid, and played with power whenever the opportunity arose. Morgan Lange demonstrated outstanding quality from the baseline as she closed out the set from 15-8 to complete a 25 -8 victory

To keep any team to single figures in a rally point scoring system is an exceptional feat. To do so in successive sets borders on excellence. Laura McKernan played her part in the success, she did everything she was asked to do calmly, efficiently and with precision. It was good to see her playing with confidence.

Sue Kee took a middle slot in the third set and still the hime side applied constant pressure. Kirsty Mclean was simply poetry in motion, as she hit line, diagonal and roll shots and looked the international prospect she should be. She now needs to do this in big games. And for second time in successive sets Morgan took the sting from any resistance Troon had, by pressuring them from the baseline with a power jump serve they were unable to handle. By the time Sue Kee scored an A-quick kill Su were well on the way to closing out the set 25-8.

So three sets with the opposition being kept in single figures is exactly what Su should be aiming for.

Well done!!!

Thus, the season gains momentum as Su have Edinburgh standing between them and their first final in four years.  Troon’s second team provide the opposition again next week, and on this week’s showing it is not a trip they will be relishing.


Match 3 for the day.

City of Glasgow Ragazzi V Beacon Fire.

The visitors from the North had a long journey for a short game.  With the home side playing well the game was won 3 sets to 0 with the visitors failing to reach the 20 point mark in any of the sets.  The City Boys' passing unit corrected last week's mistakes, which allowed the side out unit to function, and the home side's service was too forceful for he visitors to establish any kind of momentum.  So, 3-0 win and one step closer to the TTC Finals.


Scottish Cup: Round 2

Dundee University 0-3 the Baby Suettes:  (15-25: 22-25: 19-25)

This was a test for the Baby Suettes against one of the most highly rated University sides in the country. The odds were set against the Glasgow side, with four players unavailable, including Jenn Downs who has done such a great job of mentoring the youngsters.  That role was taken over by Claire Crowe and Marketa Hola who rallied the troops when the going got tough.

Claire is playing particularly well in her Middle Blocker slot.  She reveled in service that young setter Lucy Scouler gave her. They opened up the first tempo corridors and exposed the University side in the early stages. Lucy is a model for any youngster wishing to make her way in the game. She has stepped up to the mark and her reliability, consistency and quality is evident throughout.

When the going got tough Marketa upped the stakes and served, hit and provided leadership to her young team-mates. Dundee were absolutely taken aback by the quality and power of Su and when it was needed Libero Raveen Gill provided a barrier to the students. The young Su Ragazzi side dominated the opening set and did not offer the Dundee students any opportunity to claw their way into the game.

Set 2 the home side fought hard to gain superiority in the early stages.  They mixed the game up and for a period, and the Baby Suettes had their backs to the wall, but the inspiration to compete came from Priya Gill (sore hand and all) and Elise Rogers. They steadied the ship and it was left to Claire and Marketa to close out the set 25-22.

Megan Taylor the Baby of the Baby Suettes went to the service line and did what she does so well. She served tough and provided a terrific platform for a third set victory – Game done!

Two victories out of two gives the youngsters a real opportunity of heading into the main draw for the cup, with only Jets 3 standing between them and that third round draw for the first time on November 23rd.

The long and winding road home will be a happy one and thoughts on next week, when they can head to the top of the league for the first time, if they can overcome Dundee at Coltness

So, Saturday November 9th 2013 – Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club played four and won four

Congratulations to all concerned……Happy days indeed!