Super Saturday the Sixth

Saturday 6th April 2013

Super Saturday the sixth saw two semi-finals played at Carluke High School.  The Fabulous Suettes were up first in the Women’s Thistle Bowl, playing against South Ayrshire.  It was a towsy affair, with both teams serving well and passing not so well.

Going on National League form the Suettes were the favourites, and semi-finals are about winning, not playing eloquently, but the best way to ensure that you win is to play well.  To play well you have to control the ball, and we almost did that, but then so too did ‘South’.   The first set see-sawed back and forward with the emphasis on tough serving.  Jillian Galloway playing at Libero for the first time did well, so too did Carly McKinlay, but the outside hitters were not quite firing on all cylinders, and the set was never really secure until the end – we won it 25-19.

Second set we made some changes.  Emma Wotherspoon came in, as did Megan Quinn   and Lucy Schouler, and all three juniors played well.  But then Power Hitter Kirsty McLean had to come off as she was running a high temperature and simply felt sick!   That caused some ‘carfuffle’ on our side of the net which ‘South’ capitalised on.  Beth Parker in particular was a thorn in our side with some effective outside hitting.  We won the set 25 – 17 but were never comfortable.

Set three we switched off setter Alex Dickenson to the power slot, and brought in Laura McKernan to replace her, and things began to smooth out for us…..just at the same time that ‘South’ hit top form.  The two teams traded serves, traded scrambled rallies, traded outside spikes , and Carly scored a series of first tempo hits that tipped things in our favour.  We won a tight third set 25 – 21 to take the match.

Afterwards there was a measure of relief, mixed with anticipation of the final to come…….but we will need to be more focused on April 27th than we were today.  Semi finals are about winning, and we did that today, but being ‘elite’ demands more……..

And there was more....much much more in the Men's Game.

Carluke High School saw two semi-finals, one being Su II men vs Beacon.  At the start everyone was hoping for a win but suspected it would be a tight match.  Captain of the Olympic GB team, Lynne Beattie, said ‘The boys had a good training week and will hopefully bring that onto the court.’   Coach Tommy was also ‘hoping for a win to make it to the final.’

The first set was fairly tight as Beacon put up a fair fight and played tactically but that didn’t stop Su II retaliating with intelligent shots.  The men were consistent throughout the set with great sets from Marc (No.1) and great coverage defence from Stuart (No.20) and kill balls from all attacking players.  It was all topped off with a big block from Christophe (No.28) taking the set 25-23.

The second set kicked off with a serving ace from Gordie (captain, No.14).  The boys continued to demonstrate great play with Stuart carefully covering balls off the block and Conor (No.12) ending the rallies with 3m line kills.  With a run of serves from Marc and final hit from Gordie, Su took the set 25-13.

The third and final set of the day saw a mixture of powerful hits and tactical tips. Tunyi served consistently, giving Su a 6 point lead at the first technical time out.  Good control from Su’s passing unit and pick-ups from Jordan (No. 6) gave Marc good setting opportunities and the attackers a chance to win the point.  The winning point came from Jordan and the set ended 25-17, giving Su a place in the final.

Well done guys!  We’ll be cheering you on in the final!