A Most Competitive Encounter

Saturday 23 February 2013
Coltness High School
Men’s Plate Quarter Finals

Su Ragazzi 2 vs  NUVOC - Final Score 3-1

Match report by Emma Wotherspooon and Megan Quinn.

The only match at Coltness High School today was Su 2 against NUVOC and what a game it was for Su!  The men were hopeful for a win and a place in the semi-finals of the men’s plate.  Spectator Kim Mackenzie thought “It will be a tough game however Su will edge the win.  They need to focus because NUVOC will play tactically.”  Coach Dowens said “ We need to serve really tough and pass well.”

The 1st set got off to a good start with strong serves from team captain Gordon (No.14) and power hits from Conor (No.12).  Tunyi (No.19) never missed the chance to smash even with a strong block from NUVOC.  The set maintained a high level throughout with each hitter hitting consistently thanks to Mark’s sublime sets.  Towards the end there was a solid run of kill balls from Conor and Gordie,  leaving us with a final score of 25-18.  Well in lads!

The 2nd set didn’t go Su’s way but the men delivered some great play.  Fraser (No.21) blocked belters several times, and tactical tips from Marc came unexpectedly to NUVOC.  However, NUVOC fought hard and got themselves the set, 25-22.

The men were determined to come back in the 3rd set.  They demonstrated their ability  to focus and not be phased by the previous  set and the background noise from the opposition, especially when serving. Marc served an ace with both Jordan and Ben serving consistently.  The set ended 26-24.

The 4th set saw great defence work from libero Stuart (No.20)and there were outstanding pick ups.  It was close up until 11-10 when Tunyi smashed the ball quickly, quietening down the opposition to allow top cheerer Tommy to take over. At 14-15, Scott came onto serve, quickly demonstrating some gymnastics as he dived for the ball.  It was the final stretch; Su leading 20-18, not long before NUVOC came back to 22-22.  Tunyi came back on to demonstrate his powerful smashes to take Su to match point, with Conor serving.  With a pinpoint set from Marc and a final hit from Jordan, Su took the game 25-22.

All in all an exciting match, well summed up by Blair’s comments “The guys kept calm during chaos and always went for the ball in tough situations.”  Good games guys.  Good luck for the semi’s!

Megan and Emma

photographs by Ross Dowens