A New Look Suettes

Saturday 12th January 2013

Su Ragazzi  V  NUVOC

The Suettes get tough……

This game saw the emergence of the new Suettes – they are a tougher version, meaner, more focused on winning, less focused on making nice volleyball pictures,  more aware of the need to execute – altogether tougher.

In the first half of the season this fixture had gone to the Suettes, but the scoreline was tight with the Glasgow side winning 3 – 2.  Coach John French was not prepared to accept that type of performance this time around……..he demanded better clarity, better execution, a much more forceful performance, and he got it.

Set 1 the early exchanges were tight, as the Edinburgh side served tough, and we didn’t…..at first.  Then Kirsty Mclean went to the baseline and the performance from the home side changed.  She served a stream of tough serves, we followed the serves with some decent defence, and we emerged from that period of play with a five point lead that we did not surrender.  At the end of the set the scoreline was 25 – 18.

The tone of the second set was established early.  They served, Marketa Hola passed, and Mhairi Agnes powered a first tempo smash over their block and onto the floor.  Marketa followed that with a series of stunning serves.  Laura McKernan was performing well (and calmly) in defence, and setter Emma Clarkston was beginning to establish better precision with her sets.  Carly McKinlay came into the game in the off-setter slot and immediately had an impact as both a blocker and a hitter.  It was all too much for the NUVOC side, who worked hard but could not prevent the score running away to a 25 – 17 win for the Suettes.

Set 3 we maintained the pressure from the service box, we worked really hard at keeping the ball off the floor, we were tight and tough at the net, and we won the set 25 – 14.   Alex Dickenson demonstrated some excellent hitting tactics on the right side of the court, while young Lucy Scoular served an ace on her first serve…..The match point was a thundering hit from Kirsty, off a great set from Lucy, after an excellent dig by Megan Quinn………That was what had been asked for, that was what was delivered…..job done!  

The new, tougher Suettes will be required again next week when we take on Troon.