A Tough Day for the Suettes

Saturday 8th December 2012
Brannock High School

North Lanarkshire 3-1 Su Ragazzi

The Suettes continued to show the best and the worst of their game at Brannock High School on Saturday 8th December.  Alex Dickenson started the match despite  missing the week’s practices with a severe bout of ‘flu. In true ‘warrior’ fashion she declared herself fit to play.  Marketa Hola also returned after being unavailable for the past three weeks……..in terms of the playing staff we were at full strength.

The opening points saw the teams vying for a serving edge without any one dominating. However two back to back serving errors by the Suettes aligned with NL simultaneously taking eight points, and  resulted in an easy 25-12 first set win for the home side.

Coach John French restructured the Suettes in the second set and brought Marketa Hola into the competition  as power hitter. The changes produced an immediate transformation. The Ragazzi girls passed better. They served tougher. They pursued till the death. The result was a turnaround and the 25-11 score which reflected their all round superiority.

North Lanarkshire Coach Tom Rooney asked for and got a spirited response from his high flying team.  Set three was the best of the match, with both teams working hard, and matching each other for points.   Crucially a couple of poorly focused hitting errors from the Suettes, with some very wayward targeting and the set was gone.

The loss of momentum went on into the fourth set.   Su were simply taken apart by the forceful NLVC, and the lack of energy, fight and competition focus is a major worry as we head into the second half of the season.

At the end of the match we were out of the play off places and concerned at the prospect of facing Edinburgh in the cup.  The chats after were confused, and no-one could explain why the ‘collapse’ had happened.  However the plus point the emerging desire from the players to take responsibility for the improvements that are clearly required………..with this group of players it is easy to believe in the potential they undoubtedly have.   

So the mid term report would highlight that the team has done well in both performance terms and results in some matches…….and could do better.

That improvement process has already started.