Kick-Starting the System

Saturday 1st December  2012

South Ayrshire II  V  Su Ragazzi II

Done and dusted in 4……….

We were en-route to the Citadel Sports Centre in Ayr before the daylight had started.  Frost scraped off the car windows, door locks unfrozen, the dawn was spectacular as we headed South for a 09.30 FBS.    We wanted to be there early.  We wanted to prepare properly for this important Championship match, and that meant getting the body systems kick started.

The emphasis on the early preparations,  and making sure we had a thorough warm up worked as we smashed the South Boys off the court  25 – 11 in the first set.  Our side out unit scored the elusive dig-set-kill sequence regularly.  Our transition unit scored five points, we scored with some very tough ace serves and kicked in with a couple of blocks for good measure.  The South Boys weren’t really awake, and couldn’t stop the juggernaught…..set over!

Set 2 they regrouped a little as their systems began to wake up.  It was closer.  Regan Kidd for the South started to have an impact on the game in his favoured off-setter slot.  They served tougher, and our side out unit couldn’t be quite as tight as in the first set.  We lost just a little of the cohesion we had demonstrated and the D-S-K sequence was harder to find.  We won the set 25-17 but ‘South’ had finally arrived and it was game on.

Set 3 they dominated.  Our passing unit dealt less well with some pretty tough, and clearly targeted serves.  Our setting weas under more pressure , the defensive unit made a couple of decision making errors, they continued to work hard, it was the most untidy of the sets that were played, and we dipped 21 – 25.  

The discussion in the team huddle between the third and fourth sets was animated.  We needed to get back to controlling the ball.  We needed to get back to having a clear focus on doing our jobs.  We needed to win the serve-pass battle, we needed to make our systems work, and we needed to be determined to win the competition……..We did!  And for a bonus we played some pretty terrific volleyball.  We passed better, so our first tempo play became a feature of the game, and we rediscovered the D-S-K sequence.  Conor Walker, playing in an unfamiliar Middle Blocker slot scored with his hitting and his blocking.   Captain Gordon McGilivrey was immense.  Jordan Scott passed like a dream, and the experienced Chris de Lattre probed and pushed with his every service. South worked at it, but couldn’t prevent the set going to us with a 25 – 19 score.  Job Done!

Well done to the boys of the second team, for a thoroughly professional performance……..and another three points in the bag.