P7 from Glencairn Come to Visit

Glencairn Primary School visit Coltness…..

On Saturday 24th of November 2012 Su Ragazzi V.C invited Glencairn Primary School to see the team play and teach us how to play a little better.

We started our day meeting at the school and we were all full of excitement to see our teacher Mr Galloway playing. In school he had taught us how to volley, dig and spike the ball. We couldn’t wait to see him playing.

When we arrived, Su Ragazzi’s 2nd team were playing. They were really good and we found out that some of their players are only a few years older than us. Hopefully we can be as good as them when we are their age.

Then we watched Su Ragazzi playing Dundee. We found out that Dundee are one of the oldest volleyball teams in Scotland. We were really excited to see Mr. Galloway play because he’s our teacher. His team is Su Ragazzi and we all supported Su Ragazzi. It was great fun!

During the warm up we all got a bit of a fright. The players started to throw the ball and hit it off the ground. and they hit it so hard. A few of us were asked to gather up the balls and pass them to the players during the spiking warm up. It was great to be involved but we had to make sure we stayed away from the court as the players hit the ball very hard.

When the match started we screamed and cheered so much that we couldn’t hear a thing. My favourite player was Alistair and he’s Mr. Galloways brother, he’s a really good server. The best thing was that Su Ragazzi won!!!

Su Ragazzi beat Dundee in 3 sets. After the match was over, we met quite a lot of players.  They were called Alistair, Callum, Colin, Fraser, Tunyi and we got their autographs.

After the game, Colin took us for some volleyball coaching. He taught us how to volley, dig and spike. He also showed us how to serve as beginners using an underarm serve. We all hope to be able to serve like the Su Ragazzi players one day.

We had a great day watching the team and being coached. We would like to say thank you to the players Colin, Callum, Alistair and Fraser for helping to coach us. Callum would also like to say thank you to Tunyi for peppering with him after the match, it made his day!

We hope to be invited back to watch more games and can’t wait to play more volleyball.

Primary 7
Glencairn Primary School