A Tough Day at the Office

Saturday 20th October 2012

City of Glasgow Ragazzi  V  City of Edinburgh
Round I of the John Syer Top Team’s Cup

A tough day at the office.
The first thing to note about this encounter was the absence of two key players for the home side.  Libero Cammy Galloway was ill and unable to play.  Jonny Herley was posted missing.  Their absence was significant, as both are primary passers in the side out unit – as a result we  were very short in that department.

At the start of the match we need time to adjust to the new passing system.  Of course the boys from Edinburgh had no intention in allowing us adjustment time, and they powered through to an early lead on the back of several very tough serves.  We rallied, we dug in, we weathered the storm and began to play with more control, but the damage was done and the first set disappeared.

Second set was threatening to be a disaster for the home team.  The performance frailty that has appeared too often in recent times was becoming a factor, and threatening to take over.  Edinburgh were playing well.  They served tough, they defended like demons, and maintained their competitive level at the net.  We appeared to be hoping. Hoping that something would happen to tip the balance in our favour; hoping that they would come off the performance edge they had established; hoping that they would lose interest…..?

Fate intervened.  Edinburgh’s Mike Penny had an accident at the net, and the game was delayed for a medical time out.

Our troops got a chance to regroup.  To talk to each other.  To remind each other of the resolutions that were agreed at the recent team meeting.  

The game resumed, and while we were still chasing the scores, there was a better sense of purpose, a better focus of attention.

The third set was tighter.  We performed with a tad more intensity, and we can take that from the game.  City of Edinburgh thoroughly deserved their win, they were the better side in almost every department.  The scoreline flattered them a little.  We were worthy of more points, but this game will help us to grow and achieve.  That takes nothing away from the Edinburgh side who played near the top of their level, but we can improve.

Best player for the home side was Setter Steve Todd.  Best feature of our play was the  industry we demonstrated in defence.  The real need is to find a way to play with more discipline and belief……..The post match conversation will help if we act on it……all in all this was a tough day at the Office, but the seeds of growth were there………….. if you look for them.

City of Glasgow Ragazzi  V  City of Edinburgh 0 – 3 (16-25  17-25  19-25)