Super Thursday

No games this coming Saturday so why not take a time out from practise and run a mixed tournament?  That was the plan, the reality was even better...

6 mixed teams of 4 - low nets - lots of banter - lots of laughter - lots of ‘rule bending’ - Su Ragazzi Volleyball Club was well served by all who took part.

Todd’s Terrors were winning the event until ‘That Joust at the net’ where promising young setter Marc McLaughlin met his match and the wheels came off their bogey!  Callum’s Clubbers won some and lost some, but at the end had the best blocker on show when Blair stuffed both Waldi and Christophe in quick succession.  Jonny’s Juniors battled valiantly and put on a great show of controlled play.  Waldi’s Wallies huffed and puffed, but there was ‘That Joust at the net’.  Cammy’s Crusaders threatened - oh how they threatened, but eventually they lost out to Ally’s Army who had the best mixture of youth and experience but didn’t like defending tips, or roll shots, or sclaffs or anything else that wasn’t just power!

Best play of the event was Blair’s Block - or was it Marketa’s Serving - or Stuarty’s Setting - or Christophe’s left handed Hitting - or Raveen’s spiking... or was it ‘That Joust at the net’?

Well done to all who took part in a great fun event, and thanks to the timekeeper, and  two line judges who got all of their tight calls right - they said!


Super Thursday