A Rude Awakening

Glasgow Mets II  V  Su Ragazzi II

29th September 2012

The second match of the Day saw Mets II V Su Ragazzi II – Mets won 3 – 0 and thoroughly deserved to do so.  Our team did not have any answers to the very clever tactical hitting problems that the Mets’ players posed.

The first set we weren’t ready to play when Vinnie Lyle, the first official,  blew for the first service.  Mets were ready and took an immediate lead, that they held onto,  to take the set comfortably.  We huffed and puffed a bit, and made as if we were coming to terms with the competition, but Mets were always one step ahead.

The second set we played better, we controlled the ball a bit better,  and began to compete for points, and Mets were still always just in front, and always had something more they could do.   They played more as a unit and were more vocal in supporting each other than we were, and we were now 2 sets to zero down.

Set 3….?  The same!  Same pattern to the game, same match ups that were always just in their favour, same result – Mets II win 3 sets to zero.  Game done.

Well actually not done, as in the second division teams are supposed to play 5 sets.  The aim is to help develop young players – but due to an injury to one of the Mets players they could not fulfil the last two sets so the match was done.

We went to the changing room to regroup.  We discussed several issues.  Chris de Lattre, who had come out of retirement to help mentor our young team, had lots to say in support of the efforts we had made, and the lessons we have to learn.  We made some decisions about team rules, and recognised that DII of the Scottish National league is a tough, tough division!

So, first day of the new season, some success, some challenges, some good performances, some lessons to learn, but overall a good start!