A Steady Start

Match day 1 of the 2012/13 National League season

Saturday 29th September 2012

Glasgow Mets  V  City of Glasgow Ragazzi

The first round of fixtures in the new National League season  set our two men’s teams against fierce local rival Glasgow Mets. In the last couple of years these matches have been ‘towsy’ affairs that didn’t always demonstrate the best in sporting etiquette, but the matches that opened the new season were better.

Glasgow Mets hosted City of Glasgow Ragazzi in an early match with a FBS of 09.30, at St Mungos Academy.  The first set opened with the usual exchanges of side out and noise, and the score see-sawed back and forth between the two teams.  We closed out the set 25 – 22 without ever dominating the play.  Steve Todd’s day as setter was being made more enjoyable by the quality of Cammy Galloway’s passing, and Tunyi Abongeh looked sharp and in the mood, but the Mets team are a determined lot and promised more in the next set. 

At the start of the set we established a sizeable lead that we nursed carefully towards the last third of the set.  We were leading 22 – 16 and thinking about set three, when Fraser Brown stepped up to serve for Mets.  He served well.  He served a series of ‘bombs’ that disrupted our passing and caused a great degree of anxiety on our side of the net.  I took two time  outs and urged the players to be calm, but the pressure mounted until we finally managed to side out with the score now at 23 – 22 in our favour………from then till the end the points swung back and forward before we very gratefully took the last point to record a 26 – 24 win.

Set 3 was always tight.  Both teams were now playing solid volleyball, without either of them being at the top of their game.  Again the score danced about favouring one side then the other.  Fraser Strachan, and Callum Johnson managed to score a couple of crucial blocks, Waldi Tomanic in his first match for the club recorded a priceless ace serve, Ally Galloway led the team well, and Tunyi scored the 25th point with a terrific block out.  3 sets to zero against the Mets – a very good result, and a very good start to the season.

The match was played in a much better spirit by both teams, and was well officiated by Grant McIntyre and Gordon Laughlin.


Match result;

Glasgow Mets  V  City of Glasgow Ragazzi   0 – 3   (22-25,  24-26,  22-25)