Staying at the top!
Saturday 11th November 2019 - Su Ragazzi v Edinburgh University in the women's Premier League at Coatbridge High School.
It's really two different things... achieving first place in the women's Championship and staying there. To stay at the top you have to withstand the challenges from all of the other teams who believe that they should have the top slot. It means that for us, the top spot holders, every match that we play is full of electric rallies, power hits, stunning blocks, and talented players.
The match between the home side Su Ragazzi, and the visitors Edinburgh Uni was superb and held a contrast in styles. The Uni side were full of enthusiasm, were loud, and played some terrific defence. The home side were more thoughtful, were less noisy and played some outstanding offence.
Both teams wanted the win and were prepared to fight for every point. In preparation for the match both had scouted the opposition and devised a strategy to counter their strengths. The changes to the usual systems of play meant the players had to work hard at focusing and delivering their new roles. It all led to some fascinating exchanges.
In the first set the two sides were nip and tuck, with the key element being the control of the service. The team from the East won that first set 28-26 and they jumped about in celebration.

Maria Nikolova

In the second set the Championship leaders served and blocked better to win the set 25-17 with setter Nicole Ramage playing with control and precision. Set 3 was a masterclass of playing tactically by the home side and was won 25-19. Set 4 saw a continuation of the quality play from the home side. With Carly Murray controlling the middle net, and new recruit Maria Nikolova adding some huge blocks there was a steady march to the finishing line with the Suettes winning 25-15.
Was the win hard fought for? – yes
Was the match real tough? – yes
Was the match full of clever plays and talented players? – yes
It's tough working at being at the top... but we wouldn't have it any other way.