A tale of two sets!
Saturday 2nd November - Su Ragazzi v City of Edinburgh in the women’s John Syer Grand Prix, at Coatbridge High School.
The game started on time and we won the first two sets in this eagerly anticipated rematch. We were sharp, we were focused, we were confident in our ability to perform, and the first two sets flew by. We served tough, we defended well, we attacked with intensity and the Edinburgh side could not cope with the onslaught.
The set scores were 25-15 and 25-16 and we were looking forward to closing out the match in the third set.
Claire Ramage
They won sets 3 and 4 of this pulsating encounter. They were determined, they were focused and they came up with some astonishing defence. We fought hard but could not come up with an answer to their outside hitters who were scoring for fun.
The set scores were 25-27, and 26-28.
So it all came down to the fifth set. It’s supposed to be a sprint to the winning line, but sometimes it isn’t quite so fast. The set started and Edinburgh scored. We changed ends at 3-8 down. We regrouped at 7-11, and established some rhythm at 13-12 up, before closing the set and the match at 21-19... some sprint!
It was close, it was tight, it was full of tension and it created a magnificent spectacle for the enthusiastic crowd.
After the excitement, ever present supporters Lynne Ramage and Marion McReady were asked for their opinions of the encounter.

Alexis Crusey

What did you think of the match?
The first two sets were amazing, then the substitutions changed the mentality of the team.
Heads went down on our side, rather than Edinburgh getting better.
What do you think was the main difference between the two teams?
Alexis [the Edinburgh Outside Hitter].
Edinburgh got into the team's head.
What do you think the girls need to do to continue to improve?
Work on blocking.
Work on lifting the team when the heads go down.
The final comment was left to team captain Carly Murray:
What did you think of the match?
It was an interesting game. We were totally in control for sets 1 and 2, then we seemed to lack some intensity and aggression in the other 3 sets which made the match very competitive. The win was welcome, and we still have a couple of gears we can move up to.