An awesome performance, and three well deserved points!
Saturday 26th October - Su Ragazzi v University of Edinburgh II in the women’s National League Premier Division, at Coatbridge High School.
Su Ragazzi Women
The match score was 3 sets to zero. The performance from the home side was outstanding. The team from Edinburgh just could not cope with the power of the Ragazzi team and failed to score double figure points in any of the three sets.
The power the Suettes demonstrated came from the mentality they brought to the encounter. They were adamant that they would dictate the terms of the Competition. They set their stall out at the very start of the match with some super-tough serves and demanded that the Edinburgh players matched their intensity. The Edinburgh side couldn’t do that and lost the first set 5-25.
Set 2 the home side carved out a 13 point cluster early in the set with some outstanding transition points scoring. The team from the East were overwhelmed and lost the set 8-25.
Tya Keys
The third set in volleyball is the hardest one to win. When you are two sets to zero in front its easy to relax and lose some of the intensity that put you in the favourable position, but Captain Carly Murray was not having any of that. She demanded more from her team, she demanded their best efforts, she demanded that their attitude remained focused, determined and aggressive. Her troops responded and won the third set 25-6. Game over. Points won.
It was a demolition. It was excellent. It highlighted a team playing at the top of their game.
As the season continues, there will be other games that are more evenly balanced, there will be opponents who will step up and compete, and the Suettes will be ready for this.
The view from the top of the Premier Division, looking down on the challengers, is worth savouring and fighting for.
Roll on next week!