The Cup and Plate Quarter-Finals

The Cup and Plate ¼ finals

Saturday 24th February saw the Club play 4 matches in 3 different competitions.  Three of the teams were at home in Coatbridge High School, the fourth team, the Fabulous Suettes were in St Andrews playing the University side in the National Cup, with the non-negotiated and outrageous FBS time of 18.15! The girls responded to this challenge by winning 3 sets to zero, in double quick time, with the set scores being 25-17, 25-11, 25.15.

At Coatbridge the Ladies second team were playing NUVOC II for a place in the semi-finals of the National Plate competition.  Our girls were missing a couple of key players, and this seemed to affect the performances.  We were hesitant, were a tad subdued, did not project our usual confidence…….it was worrying. 

The first set was nip-and-tuck with both teams serving well, we took it 25-20 and talked about being more relaxed.  In the second set we were 24-19 up and thought the set was ours.  They thought differently.  We took a time out at 24-22, but it didn’t help, and the set went to the team from Edinburgh 26-24.   We discussed things in the change of ends huddle and talked about being confident in set 3, and we were, winning it and set 4 with a 25-20 score-line in each.

After the end of match celebrations were complete we talked about the reality that in Cup matches the result is all that matters, and we had won!

Match 2 saw the Su men II play Glasgow Mets in the Men's National Cup.  Top of Division 1 versus bottom of the Premier League.  We knew we had a chance, and backed this up with this year’s best performance from our team.  We were absolutely terrific!  We won the serve pass battle, we won the net battle, we played with focus and no little amount of style.  It was a hugely competitive game, with the Mets giving all they had, but on this day it wasn’t enough, and we took the match 3 sets to zero 25-23, 25-21, 25-14.

The last match of the day was also in the Naitonal Cup, and saw the City of Glasgow Ragazzi play Dundee.  The match was something of a mis-match right from the start.  Dundee started with a degree of style and found themselves 6-2 in front after 8 points.  This was the only times they were in the lead. The men from Dundee played well, stayed on task, went for their shots, and deserve great credit for their efforts, but they simply did not have enough to beat thje Premier Division's top team.  The City boys won 3 sets to zero, 25-21, 25-13, 25-18.

This was a great day for the Club – again!  We have played 4 and won 4.  We will be represented in the semi-final of both male and female Cups, and the women’s Plate…..could we have 4 finalists?  Dare we dream that big…..?